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Forget all the #PizzaGate conspiracy theories!

Pedophiles are very real and they live and walk among us hiding their true predilections in secret circles--although some, like Clinton buddy Jeffery Epstein, former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert, and former football coach Jerry Sandusky are convicted and safely locked away.

For now.

John Podesta's hacked emails released to Wikileaks and subsequent investigation into mysterious pederast code language have apparently revealed a strange, seedy world of rich and politically-connected elites and wannabes who enjoy pretending they are some sort of Satan-worshiping Illuminati. This song pokes fun at them; may they rot in hell serving their master for eternity.

If you don't approve of this song, you're obviously one of them :P

New to #PizzaGate? Take a look at this relatively even-handed primer: youtu.be/K6vvx2rHid0, and decide for yourself.


Pizza Boy

© 2017 by Peter S. Dee and the Inhuman $hields. Original song and lyrics by Brian Joseph Burton, Daniel Auerbach, and Patrick Carney (2006)

Well I'm spirit cookin’
and I mainly need
Semen, blood, breast milk, and a little pee
When I pull my love out,
nevermind the bleedin’
Any meal time to keep me ‘batin’
‘Batin’, ‘batin’.

Oh, oh-oh I got a game that I keep playin’
Oh, oh-oh I got a game I play for Satan
I'm a pizza boy
I'm a pedo boy
Oh, oh-oh, here little friend come be my hanky.

Well your mama pimped you and your daddy tricked you
And they did your brother just the same
But I came to snuff you,
Are you going to plead?
Got a hot dog map in a napkin’
‘napkin’, ‘napkin’.

Oh, oh-oh best ice cream I’ve ever tasted
Oh, oh-oh it’s ping pong that makes me wasted
Dominoes on cheese,
and some pasta please,
Oh, oh-oh walnut sauce infatuated.


Oh, oh-oh I got a game that I keep playin’
Oh, oh-oh I got a game I play for Satan
I'm a pizza boy
I'm a pedo boy
Oh, oh-oh illuminati pizza gatin’.


released February 20, 2017




Peter S. Dee and The Inhuman $hields Washington, D.C.

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